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Key Person of Influence Workshop

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3 Hour Strategy Session


IP Assets

IP assets refer to intangible assets, including ideas, brands, methodology, content and creative innovation. Traditionally, physical assets were of more value, but today this value has shifted. Now, innovation, methods, creativity and uniqueness are what’s key to being in influential in your industry.

Brand Assets

What do Apple, Nike and Virgin have in common? Their brand is an asset. They’re not just a name, they encompass a vision and mission. When customers think about these brands, they evoke emotions and memories. Today, marketers know that they can create a unique perception of a brand in customers’ minds.

Market Assets

Knowing the position of your business means that you are placing yourself where customers are already looking, and addressing a particular need customers already have. To connect to a market, your business needs a clearly identified channel to that market, and powerful data that gives you an edge.

Product Assets

When we speak of products, we’re not only referring to a product as simply a set of physical items or packaging. A product is a replaceable and consistent way of achieving a desired outcome that your customer wants. Great businesses have a product ecosystem with four types of product, including a range of free, low-cost and core products that all serve a unique purpose.

System Assets

System assets are what allow the running of the business to be streamlined and efficient. How do you operate your business, and is the way you do it effective, productive, and progressive? It’s not just about the tools you use to run your business, but the way in which you utilise them to achieve success. This includes Marketing and Sales, Management and Admin, and Operations.

Culture Assets

Businesses with great culture assets attract the right people to build and grow the business with. They also recruit and retain team members who are eager to contribute their skills to add value to the company, and who want to continue training and developing their skills to improve their performance. Having this kind of team encourages others to want to join, stay and develop a sense of loyalty.

Why should you attend this event?

From Daniel Priestley

This is a conference for entrepreneurs, business owners and corporate leaders who are solving meaningful problems.

Follow 5 simple steps to establish influence within your industry


The Perfect Pitch

Develop a powerful answer to the question “what do you do” and communicate your value with clarity.


Published Content

Establish credibility by getting your message in the hands of those who matter to increase growth of your business.


Product Ecosystem

Exchanging time for money is self sabotage. Turn your skills, talents & expertise into scalable products that people want to buy.


Raise your Profile

How to get you and your business recognized in the media – online & offline.


Grow by Partnering

Nothing great was ever achieved in isolation. Create opportunities by partnering with high performers.

KPMG Dent Key Person of Influence CPD Dent Key Person of Influence

The Keynote Speakers

Best practices, innovative thinking and practical things to do, shared by industry leaders.

Tim Dwyer

Global Partner at Shirlaws Group Ltd.

Louisa Dahl

Founder & CEO at Interactive Minds

Karl Schwantes

Managing Director at Xennox Diamonds

Jon Hollenberg

Owner of Five by Five Web Design

Tim Dwyer

Global Partner at Shirlaws Group Ltd.

Tim Dwyer is the Global Director of Shirlaws Group. He’s renowned for his expertise in helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into valuable product ecosystems that drive seriously fast growth.

Since 1999, Shirlaws has increased its clients combined market valuations by literally billions of dollars.

Consulting, coaching & advising CEO’s globally, Tim is a master at helping business owners turn service businesses into scalable and valuable product businesses.

“Building solid foundations in your product ecosystem is the key to building big business.”


B1G1 helps small and medium-sized businesses achieve more social impact by connecting them with a cause that supports sustainable development.

All proceeds from our Strategy Sessions will be donated to B1G1.

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Free Gifts

Every ticket holder will also receive a copy of the best-selling book, ‘Key Person of Influence – Revised Edition’ by Daniel Priestley and exclusive offers from our partners.

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Tuesday, 11th September 2018
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Influence & Assets

1:00pm - 5:00pm (with networking drinks to follow). Registration starts from 12:30pm.

Brisbane TBC

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“One of The Top Personal Branding Conferences In The World” – 

Our clients are our benchmark, meet some of our 'KPIs'

Howard Tinker

Selling Out Events

Tracy Angwin

Fast Growth

Darren Finkelstein

Shaking up Industries

Sarah Hunstead

Saving Lives

Sandy McDonald

TEDx Speaker

Lazo Freeman

Radical Body Transformations

Howard Tinker

Selling Out Events

Howard Tinker knows business, its highs and lows, theory and reality alike…

A trained psychotherapist and business coach turned specialist restaurant marketer to Australia’s elite; Tinker spent 20 years coaching people on overcoming mental roadblocks to success, before finally doing the same for his business. The Key Person of Influence (“KPI”) 40-week growth accelerator program did for Howard’s business, Restaurant Profits, exactly what he’d been coaching his clients to do – create the kind of company they wanted to work for.

Howard could always sell, but before KPI, he didn’t know the importance of selling to the right people. “Before KPI I wasted time speaking to “tire kickers. Since the course I say no anything that inhibits my business, and yes to things I love, and that’s created a more profitable and productive company. “ KPI showed me how to position myself so that the right people wanted to buy from me. Once that happened I changed the direction my business was headed.”

“When I came to KPI I’d been losing clients and worried about laying people off. Despite developing a good company, with a strong product offering, I was staring at the glass ceiling between my small company trying to survive the Global Financial Crisis and the big players in the restaurant game. KPI removed that glass ceiling. It showed me that I was the glass ceiling.”

The psychology of business is simple, Howard insists, “People have problems they want to solve. A successful business identifies problems and solves them.”

10 years ago Howard recognised a basic problem facing restaurateurs; “they need help converting culinary flare into profit, restaurants spend too much time marketing and too little creating great experiences.” Howard’s company manages every aspect of that marketing process.

They track every piece of marketing and report the return on investment back to their clients. That system has attracted the attention of “rock stars of the restaurant industry” such as Giovanni Pilu of Masterchef fame and proprietor and chef of Pilu at Freshwater.

Restaurant Profit’s niche service has developed exponentially in tandem with the 5 Step KPI Methodology, and now, instead of worrying about laying people off, he worries about having enough staff! Howard has had more sales, secured more clients and started to enjoy business since becoming a KPI.

“I gained confidence in KPI, they didn’t just tell me what I was doing wrong (something I’d disliked about other courses), with KPI the rubber starts hitting the road once you identify problems.” KPI mentors immediately begin to work on the 5 Key Steps, the second of which is publishing. “I wrote my book ‘More Bums on Seats’ over the course of the 40 weeks, and by the time I had completed the fifth Key Step, Partnerships, my book was being recommended to power players in the industry because of partnerships I’d developed, putting me in front of some of the greatest restaurateurs in Australia. The KPI Methodology works, you only have to look at my business to see that.”

Tracy Angwin

Fast Growth

Director of the successful challenger brand, Australian Payroll Association, is a new force to be reckoned with in a market dominated by large monopolies.

With a history of working for global payroll vendors and providing specialist consulting services, she saw the major problems in payroll operations, and set about solving these for her own clients. However, it took nearly 20 years before Tracy would step out of the corporate world and start her own company.

Before founding Australian Payroll Association, she was restricted in how much she could change things for her clients. “The large corporate companies I worked for were used to doing things one way and didn’t want to change” Tracy explains. “I knew I had the knowledge, expertise and drive to create really effective payroll solutions for clients.”

Already well respected in her industry, she had a few challenges. Along with the restraints of time and family commitments, they included doing almost everything herself, down to producing every invoice that left the business.”

She needed to leverage something other than her time.

She enrolled in the 40-week growth accelerator program and quickly realised her own attitude to her business had to change in order for the Australian Payroll Association to establish itself at the heart of the Australian market.

Tracy had been reluctant to position herself as a Key Person of Influence in the payroll industry. “I held back when it came to pitching the business, I didn’t feel like anyone was interested in hearing about payroll because it isn’t interesting to most people.”

Over the course of the KPI program Tracy began to grow in confidence. KPI taught Tracy to tap into the passion she has for her business. “I hadn’t felt entitled to wax lyrical about my business. KPI taught me that I, myself, make my business exciting; my passion, my experience, my ability and my track record. Excellence and enthusiasm in any industry is exciting to others.”

Armed with this new found confidence, Tracy had the impetus and focus necessary to publish a book. ‘The Payroll Revolution’ has become a bestseller, generating huge media and public interest in Australia and worldwide.

Tracy is unquestionably the go-to expert in her field, and her passion for what she does supersedes laurels or plaudits. As well as sharing the benefit of her expertise as a speaker at large specialist events on payroll, she can be found collecting data on the payroll industry in her spare time, in an effort to improve the area generally. This formidable entrepreneur has just experienced her most successful year in business.

Little wonder then that the company was recognised as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies in the 2013 BRW Fast Starters List. Expect to hear a lot more from this Payroll Revolutionary.

Darren Finkelstein

Shaking up Industries

Darren Finkelstein, owner of St. Kilda Boat Sales is excited. His business has emerged as an expert in boating lifestyles in Australia over the last 18 months.

Servicing boats in Melbourne for over a decade, St Kilda Boat Sales has created an impressive public profile and client base. Darren wasn’t always this excited about business though. In fact, just a few years ago he was about to give it all up.

That was before he discovered Key Person of Influence. “Boat Sales is a fairly traditional industry, and I guess I was bored. The company’s financial performance began to reflect that,” Darren explains. “There was only one certainty. I wanted stronger revenue and to be excited about what I do, but I had no idea how.”

The programme challenged Darren to rethink what he did. “That was the single most important thing I did for my business.”
KPI mentors quickly pointed out that Darren’s clients came to him for much more than simply buying a boat. They actually buy into a lifestyle. “By simply shifting the focus of what we do from ‘boat sales’ to providing enjoyment, quality lifestyles and the intrinsic social aspects of boat ownership, and simultaneously removing any hassle for our clients, my whole perspective started to change for the better.”

People became excited when Darren explained what St. Kilda Boat Sales did. The next most vital aspect of the KPI program for Darren was writing his book ‘Honey, let’s buy a BOAT’. “During the program I realised how much I know about boats, particularly using them as tools to create great lifestyles – specifically for busy people.” Darren combined that knowledge with skills gained during the KPI program and applied these to publishing a book. The result was life changing.

“Today, my old business frustrations are gone and our business is thriving. We’ve developed new products and services that cater for the lifestyle components of boat ownership and I’m a regular contributor on talk shows and on the speaker circuit on this topic.”

Darren’s book and business have featured in major international boating publications and on shows, which has helped him establish the credibility to forge great sponsorships & partnerships. Essentially, implementing the KPI methodology has meant that clients come to his business pre-sold on the idea of owning a boat, and ultimately buy from him.
“Sales cycles are shorter, there’s far less pressure, and people show up really excited to buy a boat from us.”
Darren has emerged from the KPI program as an author and speaker, and a person who loves what he does. His business has transformed entirely, not only in terms of its phenomenal success, but also in how Darren himself thinks about it.

“Not only have we had our most successful year ever, it’s also been the most fun I’ve ever had in business.” Watch more here

Sarah Hunstead

Saving Lives

Sarah Hunstead, CPR Kids. Sarah has produced more revenue in 9 weeks than in the 18 months prior, enabling her to save the lives of children everyday.

Watch her video:

Sandy McDonald

TEDx Speaker

Sandy McDonald is the Founder of ‘Knit a Square’, a site that encourages donations of knitted and crocheted squares that are made into blankets for African orphans, an author, TEDx speaker and Founder of the blog (and her core business)

This is a little snapshot of her story…

“If anyone had said in 2012 when I started KPI, I do a TEDx talk, I’d have nodded politely and thought they were on drugs.

So what changed? The Key Person Of Influence [Member] culture and the mass intellect of the community propelled me to bust through my limitations. Back then I knew I had a story, but the Lizard dominated.

Writing the book, now called Get It Right Online, extrapolated the seven-step framework I’d employed to build a global online community that helps orphaned children in Africa. The framework became a coaching product. In sharing this knowledge with entrepreneurs, I’ve come to appreciate my own value.

My key messages are clear now and they inform how I blog, which has raised my profile. I’ve also partnered so I don’t have to build websites anymore!

Then an opportunity arose to deliver a ‘short’ talk in front of Jon Yeo (convener of TEDx Melbourne) so I wrote and delivered a full TEDx talk. Bit cheeky, but that was truly busting through my limitations. The rest is history.”

Watch Sandy’s TEDx talk here:

Lazo Freeman

Radical Body Transformations

Despite his awards, his hourly rate was only marginally higher than most Personal Trainers who had NOT won any awards.

Like many in his industry he thought that the key to his success was doing more courses, getting more qualifications and having a nice brochure. Lazo was working hard with his clients and getting great results … but not seeing the financial rewards. Lazo heard about the KPI Growth Accelerator and he really “got it”. He realised that he hadn’t differentiated himself from other Personal Trainers and he hadn’t used his success to establish himself as a Key Person of Influence yet.

The first thing we did was develop his Pitch. Today, rather than introducing himself as ‘Personal Trainer’, Lazo will tell you he does ‘Radical 12 week body transformations with highly successful people who do amazing things in their work but very ordinary things naked!’ That line always gets a laugh, but more importantly, people want to see pictures of the 12 week transformations. When Lazo pulls out his book and shows them some before and after shots of his clients, jaws hit the floor. In 12 weeks, Lazo can transform a skinny guy into a buff guy, a fatty to a muscle man. The transformations are extraordinary. He then directs them to his DVD and invites people to make friends with him on his Facebook Profile.

By the time you see all of his photos, his YouTube videos and his testimonials, you know that he is THE man for ‘Radical 12 Week Transformations’. Before you get too excited about getting him to work with you, we should tell you what happened to his prices. Today, Lazo charges over $10,000 for a Radical 12 Week Transformation, and he has a waiting list! Combined with a lucrative new sponsorship deal, this makes him the highest paid “personal trainer” in London. It wasn’t the awards that made it happen. It wasn’t the years of getting outstanding results with his clients. It was following the 5 step formula that caused a dramatic shift. Lazo is now a KPI in his industry and charges in excess of 500 per cent of his industries average. He earns more than most doctors or lawyers and he has a lot more fun because he lives his passion. Watch more here

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